Why We Love Linen, and How to Wear it

Easy, breezy linen. What’s not to love? From keeping you cool in the heat to giving your look that effortlessly debonair feel, it's durable, comfortable, and ticks quite a few sustainability boxes. Figuring out what to wear with a linen shirt isn’t all that daunting; with the right styling (read on for our expert styling tips) you can wear the fabric just about everywhere, from work to weddings.


If you're looking to make greener style choices, linen clothing is a good place to start. This all-natural fabric is woven from the fibres of Linum usitatissimum, more commonly known as flax. A robust and low-maintenance plant, flax doesn't need particularly good soil or even much water and can be grown organically without pesticides.

Fun fact: it also produces linseed oil and omega-3 oil via its seeds, so there's very little waste from the crop.

All our men’s linen shirts use fibres grown and sourced from Western Europe where no irrigation is in place (rainfall is all you need), plus, the plants are all free of genetic modification. The fibres hold dyes well (far better than most) and because of this they don't usually need any other treatments, meaning they keep that brand-new look for longer.

Linen is also naturally antibacterial and resistant to moths. We love using this hard-wearing fabric because you won’t need to replace your favourite pieces as often. When it comes to washing and drying, it prefers cold water on a cool cycle and to be line-dried, making it an eco-friendly option.

Nature’s Technical Fabric

Linen has been worn for over 6,000 years, and with good reason. Here's a few qualities that come naturally to linen:

Beat the Heat

Linen is breathable and porous, so it’s quick-drying and wicks moisture away from the body. No sweat.

Strength in Fibres

Robust, durable and antibacterial, linen gets softer with each wash, so you won’t need to keep buying new.


All our linen is grown in Europe without irrigation (rainfall is all you need) or genetic modification.

Low Maintenance

Caring for linen is easy. It prefers a cold wash and to be line-dried. This is one eco-friendly fabric.

How to Style Linen

So now that you want to stock up on this hard-working fabric, what about styling linen shirts? Unsurprisingly, linen is super versatile; sliding effortlessly into both formal and casual ensembles. We may be famous for our shirts, but this fabric is found in a range of Tyrwhitt garments. Here are our tips on how to style a linen shirt and incorporate other key linen pieces into your wardrobe.

Summer Drinks

Our men’s casual linen shirts are designed to give your warm-weather wardrobe a relaxed-but-refined look. Team a short-sleeved linen shirt with your favourite chinos and boat shoes. Heading out for dinner and drinks? Slip on a linen jacket for a touch of formality without the fuss.

At the Office

Our linen-blend shirts have a dash of cotton to help keep you crease-free when you're heading somewhere more formal. Speaking of smart, can you wear a tie with a linen shirt? Absolutely. We even have a collection of linen-blend ties to complement your suit jacket.

Keep it Casual

We love the stuff, but we’re not linen purists at Tyrwhitt – we know there’s an art to creating a perfect blend. Take our linen-mix polo shirts; a refined take on a sporty classic that you can wear with shorts on the weekend, or chinos for relaxed office days.

The Destination Wedding

Can you wear a linen shirt with a suit? The short answer is yes. Our advice for perfecting this simple-yet-sharp ensemble is to pair a classic blue or white linen shirt with a stone suit and Oxfords. A timeless look for that balmy destination wedding.